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Especially in the city of how you look must be how you feel, those who live in La and age well prefer Los Angeles independent living instead of a care facility when they get older.  Contrary to popular belief, most seniors aged 65+ aren’t sick enough to require institutionalized care.  Only 6 percent of people over the age of 65 require skilled nursing home care.  The majority of the aging population live independently, in spite of any aches and pains, and supplement their needs by getting help from family, friends, volunteers and some assisted living community programs.

There are constant transitions throughout life, and in an aging person’s lifestyle, often signal that it’s time for the family to get involved in examining their elder’s housing needs.  This is a time of great adjustment.  Every study indicates that most elders want to remain in their own homes and communities as long as possible, even expressing wishes to die in their own home.  However, lack of proper planning often forces them out of their homes.  Moving, and even remodeling is a traumatic experience for anyone.  In order to keep them living independently as long as possible, you can minimize negative reactions to changes in our elder’s living environment by proceeding thoroughly and slowly, especially if your relative recently has experienced a major loss, or other serious stress.

Los Angeles independent living as well as in other large cities in our new century, don’t assume that your only options are nursing home care or having your aging senior family member move in with you.  Unless your elder requires round-the-clock supervision and skilled nursing care, there are many other great choices to consider.

Nonetheless, family caregivers may be reluctant to consider the nursing home options when they should.  The time may come when we do not have the skills and/or the stamina for independent living, and need to consider options so they receive the proper care.  Yes, the decision to place an elder in a nursing facility is a difficult one, but sometimes it is the only alternative.  It is not a question of whether institutionalized care is inherently good or bad.  The decision for this option should be based on medical treatment, preference of the family caregiver, financial resources, and the availability of quality facilities.  The move from independent living to a nursing home is a difficult decision for any one to make.

There are many reasons seniors continue to live independently in their Los Angeles home, or whether they decide on a planned community or care facility.  Consider the following issues as you begin to think about your elder’s current and future living arrangements:

  • Finances
  • Home maintenance and housekeeping
  • Access to family and friends
  • Assistance with day-to-day tasks
  • Social interaction and companionship
  • Safety and security
  • Climate
  • Second-floor and basement access
  • Interior and exterior wheelchair access
  • Transportation
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Access to preferred doctor
  • Familiar surroundings and community ties
  • Places of worship
  • Family history and memories
  • Other residents
  • Illness and dementia
  • Employment
  • Pets

To maximize the time for independent living in Los Angeles or any other city, be prepared to make simple home modifications that can enhance your loved one’s comfort, safety and independence.  Helping your elder to “age in place” is a win-win situation for all!

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