Use it or Lose it

Flashcards 2As we age, if we are not staying sharp minded, we are losing our ability to remember and retain information.  Memory loss is a common problem among the seniors we love.  There are things that seniors can do to keep their minds sharp and memory strong. Rebecca Singer has developed flash cards, 100 words a day, to assist seniors.  Just like with any part of our minds and bodies, training and strengthening is the key to have the best mind at any age.  Making the use of our memory a daily part of our lives may become a passing notion as we age.  Call Rebecca at 914-563-6939 or visit for this new, invaluable senior care product.

After retiring or no longer really having those younger year responsibilities, we find that we are not engaging our memory or that part of our brain as we once may have.  Use the memory or lose the memory.  It is something that seems simple enough to follow, but we must be mindful of the ways to keep the mind in the best shape we can.  Having the best brain and memory function can be attainable with memory flash cards.  Not just any flash cards may do though.  Thinking about the things that a senior may need to remember and why this will be important in this stage of life can really mean that you are ensuring that your senior aged loved one is receiving the best senior care.  A senior care worker will rely on communication of your senior’s needs and mostly the communication coming from the senior himself.  For this reason, daily living words on flash cards can be important to help your senior remember what it is that he or she needs to tell the senior care worker.  Most senior care workers would sincerely appreciate hearing what their client needs.  This ensures the best quality of care.  Health care professionals and senior care workers know will know what their clients need and their clients will tell them their issues, if seniors are able to communicate the needs and the message is received.  Brain fitness is unlike any other fitness program.  The earlier you begin the program the better your brain will be.  The more often you partake in memory exercises, like flash cards, the more likely you are to retain your memory.  Pictures on the flash cards of everyday objects will help the seniors with everyday words and communication of everyday needs.  A senior may not retain information which is provided to him or her by a loving family member or caring senior care worker.  This can be dangerous.  If, for instance, you remind your senior aged loved one that he or she must take their medication later that evening and it is apparent that they are listening and heard you, but the senior is unable to retain this information, it can be a serious situation.  The memory and mind are so important to an overall great quality of life.  Seniors being able to retain short and long term memory will simply help to make them happy and keep them happy long into their later years.  Flash cards can be a great way to help seniors retain their memory and increase their communication.

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