Better to have Loved and Lost

Houston Home CareNo need to worry about who was caring for them or their Houston home, life may have been so simple for so long in their adult married life that the adult children were just able to visit and stop in for a hello knowing very well that Mom and Dad were older, but making it all happen day-to-day.  Married for more than half a decade they had their system and ways of doing things and getting it all taken care of.  The house always had a welcoming feel for company and holidays were hosted at their home.  There was just always an impending feeling that it may someday, soon, change.  As the years flew by, many in the family were adamant about taking a role to support their aging loved ones, but still not much by way of help was needed. It was not until one of them fell ill that it was noticeable how much the two of them relied on each other to be able to live day-to-day.  Like one of them just could not function without the other and there was a huge change in the responsibilities in the household.  Roles that the aging loved one had never had to assume, so was unfamiliar with taking, were now adding tasks and chores to the daily responsibilities and one elderly loved one trying to handle all of the responsibilities in the household rather than splitting up between the two of them. 

Things started to change and before the adult children could even know it, things would be forever different.  As the adult children started to care for their ill senior, the other senior was not getting much attention and there was an apparent decline as well.  It was time to take immediate action.  There had to be a way to juggle it all and pick up for what responsibilities one of the seniors was no longer able to take on.  In the next few weeks, the adult children enlisted the help of home care and that just filled the void.  There was less time spent worrying about the things that were not getting done and more time just spent loving the senior who was ill. As is with the circle of life, when one of the seniors passed away the other was able to continue living well taken care of with home care.  Spending more time trying to grieve and mending a broken heart for the loss of their loved one and less time focusing on the lesser important household tasks and responsibilities.  The senior aged children were sure that things were being taken care of in the Houston home with the home care services and also were able to focus on loving and losing rather than worry of who was caring for their surviving parent.  Life as we know it can be difficult at times, but worrying about care in the home should not be a major concern.  There are senior home care services in the Houston area which can really change the focus and allow you to shift your concern.

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