Maine Elder Services

The state of Maine offers many choices for the health and well-being of seniors and the elderly ranging from healthcare to resources and advice on handling finances and health-related issues in the Maine elder services resource lists. Maine offers MaineCare which was formerly known as Medicaid to help with health-related claims and issues for seniors and the elderly. Food stamps are also available for the elderly and seniors needing assistance in purchasing food items. Maine elder services help seniors looking for these services should contact the Maine Department of Health and Human Services at one of the sixteen regional offices scattered across the state. If a senior isn’t physically capable or doesn’t have transportation to travel to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services locations, applications are available by mail. Counselors are also available for help in reviewing for eligibility and with assistance in completing the forms.

Maine also offers Care Choices for Maine Elders and Adults with Disabilities to get the care needed for seniors who are unable to care for themselves or their basic needs. Assessing assisted living or nursing homes needs are one service that is provided at no charge to help families and the elderly patients determine what programs are available or necessary through Maine elder services. Resources are also available through these offices to help find programs for the elderly and seniors.

Maine goes beyond health and assistance services and offers basic need options to help seniors feel more independent and enjoy their retirement more fully. Transportation services are available in different formats throughout the state including a taxi coupon liaison program. Safety is key for the seniors and elderly in Maine with a specific Police Department unit called the Police Department Elder Service Office Unit devoted to helping with safety programs, working with victims of elder crimes or abuse, and special response and service teams. In addition, a group of law enforcement, government, and community members have also formed to help improve the general quality of life and safety of the elderly in Maine communities. By working together to provide these services, the community also achieves closer relationships with the elderly and senior citizens in the state.

One specific project that is part of the Maine elder services programs is a “file of life” kit with medical and life information that is magnetized and placed on the refrigerator of elderly community members. Safety officials and medical responders are then able to more quickly assess and respond to the needs of the elderly community member. By offering these various services through agencies and community groups; the state of Maine serves and improves the medical and quality-of-life needs of its elderly members. In turn, the senior citizens and elderly community members feel more connected to their neighborhoods and feel more involved and safer in their daily lives.

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