Medical Supplies For Seniors

As the baby boomers age along with their parents, a growing industry specializing in medical supplies for seniors focuses on caregiving products, disability aids, elderly care products, nursing home supplies and home medical supplies and equipment products.  All of these supplies are designed to help make life easier for caregivers and recipients of senior care.

It might be that there is an elderly person in your home who is incapable of looking after his/her own needs and has to be placed under care. Most of the problems are due to old age and seniors are unable to move around and perform simple everyday tasks. Another problem can be that while the body is fine, it is the mind that has started deteriorating. This can be due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This often leads to uncontrollable outbursts or confusion. If elderly people are to be taken care of in the house it is essential that you get home medical supplies  for seniors that are specifically designed for the elderly.  If you’re unaware of all the medical supplies that can help seniors, here is a short primer.

Medical Supplies for helping with eating:  There are adaptive eating utensils, special plates, writing tools, bathing aids, positioning pillows and other adaptive aids to make in home care easier.   For people with swallowing problems, there are specialty products, as well as weighted eating utensils and weighted cups for people suffering from Parkinson’s or hand tremors, scooper plates and plate guards to help make dining easier.

Medical supplies for elderly bathing & dressing: There are medical supply aids like grab bars for the bathroom, no-rinse shampoo and body bath products, shower chairs, handicap bath aids, elevated toilet seats with armrests and dressing aids that help make bathing and dressing your loved one easier.

Medical supplies for sleeping & resting:   There are innovations in blanket supports, caregiver instructional videos, bed mobility aids and incontinence products that make activities of daily living easier. There are also gel seat cushions, gel mattresses, bed wedges, bed railings, positioning pillows, wheelchair positioners to prevent pressure sores, skin breakdown, provide correct body positioning to make your loved one more comfortable.

Medical supplies to help with mobility and transport:  You can now find patient transfer aids, gait belts, wheelchair accessories, bed canes, and bed safety devices to make moving, positioning, and transferring your senior loved one easier.

Medical supplies to help with diabetes: Often you can get all your diabetic supplies from the same supplier, including glucose meters, test strips, Insulin supplies & pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring systems

Caring for seniors requires a range of medical supplies that is very different from those required for other health conditions. It is best to purchase the items in bulk from a wholesale retailer. There is a range of equipments that can be bought including incontinence pads, wholesale latex gloves and disposable plastic aprons. These are some of the supplies that you would be using along with many other products to help make life easier for the elderly.

It is essential that the stay of the elderly be made as comfortable and enjoyable as is possible with the help of products. This will make it easier for the elderly to go about their everyday tasks. As they are not as mobile as the other members of the house it is required that they use products that are meant specifically for them.


Quite often, using the right disability equipment will allow a person to be less dependent or require less assistance from their caregiver. From weighted eating utensils to folding sliding transfer bath seats, there are now even more assistive devices to help people function better.

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