Walk-In Bath Tub – Minor Change, Major Improvement

Walk in bath tubsThe smallest changes can make the most improvement in a senior’s quality of life. Families of seniors are not taking any chances and are doing what they can to ensure their seniors are safe and happy.  As a younger person we take for granted how easily we can get into the tub to take a shower. Just lift our leg up over the side, find our balance in the tub with just one foot in and push off with the other leg to end up both feet and our bodies in the tub.  Well it is not as simple as it sounds for a senior with mobility and balance issues.  Seniors are often not as flexible, stable or physically able to perform many of the simplest tasks that we might not consider as a younger person.  Signs your senior is having difficulty getting into and out of the tub:

  1. Not showering or bathing as often as before
  2. Asking for the tub inserts to prevent slipping to be added or increased
  3. Asking for more shower support bars
  4. Asking for assistance into and out of the tub
  5. A slip or fall

The worst of all is if your senior was to slip and fall while getting into or out of the shower.  A senior may not even report to you that an injury has occurred, but rather wait until you notice a bruise or other signs that an accident had occurred.  If your senior is reluctant to use the bathroom to take a shower, you may begin asking some ‘probing’ questions to determine if there is a need to consider an alternative.  While you may consider assisting your senior aged loved one each and every time he or she wants to take a shower, that just may not be the best solution.  Seniors want to maintain their independence and the likelihood of a senior wanting to take your time to ask for assistance is almost certain that it will be every time he or she would normally bathe.  So, installing a tub or shower modification and changing the bathroom to allow a senior the ability to use the bathroom facilities by themselves is the most feasible and reasonable option.  A walk-in bathtub will allow a senior to prevent a potential accident by not ever having the need to worry about balance or the physical ability to step over the side and into the tub, but rather just opening the side and walking, flat surface, right in.  A walk-in bathtub will not be major construction or renovation to the bathroom.  The walk-in bathtub will fit perfectly right where the old bathtub sat and will be installed in no time. A walk-in bathtub can be installed by many professionals and there are many choices available in the Denver area.  Installing a walk-in bathtub will be a minor change to assist the senior with maintaining a high quality of life.  There is no need to worry about a senior not using the bathtub as often as he or she once would because a minor change can make a major improvement in a senior’s life.

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