How To Use My Gericare Workspace

MyGeriCare Workspace is your personal password-protected area where you can do virtually all of your research and follow-up, PLUS, allow others to help, working off the same To-Do list!  


 Once you've created your My GeriCare Account, you can:


Save listings for further reseach after finding them through your Find GeriCare, Advisory Resources, and/or Products & Services listing searches, simply click "Add to My GeriCare Workspace" at the bottom of each listing.


How To Add To My GeriCare


Save your findings, comments, and even next steps in the Notes section for every saved listing in your Workspace!

MyGeriCare Savings

PLUS, if you want, you can get others to help you with your "To Do" list:


Share My GeriCare Workspace allows you to email friends or family, telling them to join your GeriCare Workspace.  They'll automatically be emailed a Username and Password to gain entry in the same Workspace!


Share my Workspace


Whether working alone or with someone else, you can save your findings, add comments or assign next steps in the Notes section of every saved listing that's been added to your Workspace.


Notes Tab


When you've found & updated new information, click "Share Notes" to send an email to whomever you choose, telling them what you've updated.


Share notes


Anyone using your common Workspace can also Add or Remove saved listings in order to help with searches, follow-up and decisions!


How To Send Notes


My GeriCare Workspace saves you a tremendous amount of time searching, remembering, emailing, keeping follow-up notes, etc., as we've made it easy for you to store your work and follow-up, all using your own personal "My GeriCare Workspace"!


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