Nursing Home in Chicago

If you live in Illinois, you can consult with your local support group to find out, but there are also a few simple questions and answer tools available to see if you need a nearby nursing home in Chicago and surrounding area.  Many of the questions that you need to answer, have to do with whether you’re able to fully handle your own Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or whether you need assistance.  If you need assistance, chances are you will either need assisted living, or a nursing home if you’re in greater need of help with your ADLs.

So when you’ve made your determination that a nursing home is in order, then when you review those options for a nursing home in Chicago then you need to know that many nursing homes have what is known as a Residents Bill of Rights.  Under federal law, all nursing homes must have written descriptions of all of the rights that their residents have.  Additionally, a copy of the nursing homes Bill of Rights must be made available in writing, to each resident or prospective resident who requests it.  These are just a few of those nursing home rights you should be able to easily find disclosed:

  • Being informed of your rights
  • Being informed, in writing, of all of the nursing home’s policies, services and charges, including which charges are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid
  • Being informed of your medical condition and needs unless restricted by your doctor’s written orders, which you are entitled to a copy of as well
  • Ability to freely contribute and participate in your care, including the ability to refuse any treatment you want to refuse, even though it may be recommended by your physician
  • Opportunity to manage your own finances, or if you choose, to delegate or authorize someone else to manage them for you.
  • Your right to privacy, dignity and respect.
  • The right to wear the clothing of your choice, and use your own possessions while not causing unsafe situations to others, or infringing on the rights of others
  • Being free from mental and physical abuse, and to be free from physical restraints, the use of drugs or chemicals for keeping you quiet and sedated, unless authorized by a physician with your consent
  • Ability to voice your own opinion and give any grievance without fear of retribution from others
  • Right to be discharged or transferred only for medical reasons, and the right to be able to appeal any discharge or transfer
  • You should have immediate access by any family members, and be accessible to visitors, and the ability to refuse visitors if you so desire.  You should also be able to receive visitors at least eight hours daily.
  • Your right to privacy and confidentiality for meetings or any conversations you have with visitors, whether they be friends or family members.
  • Ability to receive assistance from an advocate in asserting your rights and benefits

This is a fairly good list of what you should be looking for in the nursing home bill of rights that you choose, or that you select from while exploring the many wonderful facilities available to you if you live in Chicago, or in the Chicago area.  Many great cities have similar options to choose from, but know in advance that the greater your state’s revenues and financial resources, the more that state will be able to enforce their strict guidelines for nursing homes, and for nursing home care, which will benefit you or your senior loved one in need.


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