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Moving a loved one to a nursing home is a big decision that can be emotionally and financially taxing for a family. Unfortunately, many families experience difficulty in trying to provide their elderly members with the required level of care they need.

If your senior family member has been diagnosed with a debilitating illness such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then their needs are considerably greater than those of other seniors. It becomes even more important that they get the medical help and round the clock care they deserve.

Specific to a San Jose nursing home, many are specifically for seniors who are not able to go through their average day without help. These seniors also typically are not in the best health, and require medical attention. Unlike retirement communities or assisted living homes, which both provide a lesser degree of personal assistance; nursing homes have different types of qualified staff members who can provide comprehensive care for seniors, including medical professionals.

Finding / choosing the appropriate nursing home in San Jose depends on the level of care you or your elderly family member requires that an assessment be made in tandem with medical professionals about the level of care required by the senior. If you are not sure where to begin, go to our site and use our free Senior Care Support Tool to give you a sense of what will be required.

You will be asked to answer a simple questionnaire about the health and mobility of the senior in question. The questions are simple, and either the senior of a family caretaker will be able to answer it. It involves questions about whether or not the person needs help to get out of bed, to dress or bathe, to clean, whether they take medications themselves, whether they express themselves emotionally or have to be pressed, and questions having to do with awareness and/or memory.

This tool provides an important reference point for you or your family to begin a search for a nursing home in San Jose. It will tell you what to look for so you can evaluate if the home you are considering will really provide all the care you or your elderly family member needs.

Although practically all nursing homes takes residents who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, some can provide better care because they specialize in caring for people with those ailments. They understand how frightening it can be for someone suffering from this disease to wake up and not know where they are or the person reaching for them who is only trying to help them. They take the necessary precautions to make sure that their residents get the care they need in a way that takes into account the effect of their illness. From simple things like making sure they eat (since the senior forgets when if they have eaten) to prescribing, dispensing and monitoring their medications.

At GeriCareFinder, you will also be able to share your findings and research with other family members such as siblings who live far away, through our My GeriCare Workspace tool. With our resources and information, you will be able to locate, research, and plan financially for a nursing home in San Jose that will adequately take care of your family member.

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