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Volunteers in Baltimore nursing homes are fending against senior loneliness. It is apparent that many people are suffering from depression and loneliness in nursing homes. For many residents of Baltimore nursing homes being depressed due to not having interaction with anyone is a problem. Volunteers have taken on a huge responsibility in nursing homes with regard to helping seniors stay happy and emotionally well. While volunteering is greatest during the holiday seasons, volunteers are needed all year round. Seniors may be without any living family or friends or may be residing in a nursing home far away from the location of their family members. Volunteers may spend time with nursing home residents to provide companionship, take the resident to activities or help with mealtime activities. Nursing homes in Baltimore are able to have a more homelike environment from the household donations that volunteers are able to provide. Volunteers in Baltimore nursing homes are bringing in homelike décor for senior aged resident’s rooms. Some decorations are seasonal or for a particular holiday. Any decorations that volunteers supply for the senior aged resident’s rooms will bring cheer and brighten up their lives.

Nursing homes are expensive and offer around the clock nursing care to residents, but it is a lonely place. Certified nurses aids and workers in Baltimore nursing homes are usually as pleasant as possible with their interactions with senior aged residents in Baltimore nursing homes, but the workers are busy and it does not allow much time for socializing or interaction on a non-clinical, personal level.

Residents who are happy will live longer in Baltimore nursing homes. Loneliness is experienced everywhere and at any age, but particularly with the elderly or senior aged population and those living in Baltimore nursing homes will residents be the most depressed and lonely.

Volunteers in nursing homes in Baltimore have an important job in making sure that the residents do not become or stay lonely for very long. Sadness and loneliness can be directly linked to mental, emotional and even physical health problems in senior aged people residing in nursing homes. In Baltimore, volunteers are organizing events and activities or participating in the over-all happiness and well being in nursing homes. Although their job is typically unpaid, these volunteers get compensated in seeing the happy faces in the Baltimore nursing homes when they are able to visit the residents.

As more people are residing in nursing homes in Baltimore, the number of senior aged people who are reporting that they are experiencing loneliness continues to grow. Around holidays senior aged people may experience the most loneliness. Senior aged people who are not visited by family or friends will feel particularly alone over the holidays had it not been for volunteers who write cards, bring gifts and spend time with the residents of Baltimore nursing homes. A gift tree for all of the residents in many of the Baltimore nursing homes is put up and family members or friends of other residents, volunteers and staff of Baltimore nursing homes, work to ensure that each resident receives a gift and a card over the holiday.

Family member and friends of senior aged residents who reside in nursing homes in Baltimore are typically able to take the resident, health permitting, for a day pass out of the Baltimore nursing homes to be home for the holiday. Taking the residents out of the nursing homes in Baltimore is the best way to ward of sadness, loneliness and depression over the holidays.

What senior aged residents of Baltimore nursing homes are looking for is a deep, real connection with another person. This does not require many hours of a volunteer’s time. This is merely a time when the volunteer is completely focused and connected with the senior aged resident. Volunteers play an important role in fending off loneliness felt by senior aged residents of Baltimore nursing homes.

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