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find quality nursing homes in charlotte, NCIt is sad, but many seniors in the Charlotte area have a difficult time finding an available bed in one of the Charlotte nursing homes near their loved ones. Often there is a wait period or residency in nursing homes in another area outside of Charlotte until an elderly person is able to get into a nursing home that is in the area that he or she needs to be close to family. Nothing is worse than needing to travel a long way to check on your senior aged loved one in one of the Charlotte nursing homes. I am certain that the wait lists for beds in Charlotte nursing homes is due to a large number of elderly Americans getting older and requiring the constant supervision. Most nursing homes have rooms with two residents and beds per room, at a minimum. Some of the nursing homes do house just one resident per room, but usually private rooms are extremely expensive and rare. Men and women are not housed in the same room in nursing homes. Men will typically have their own rooms and even their own wing of the facility or hallway leading to their living area. Women make up the majority of the residents in Charlotte nursing homes. Because the men would need a roommate who is also male, it is harder to get an open bed in one of the nursing homes in Charlotte for a man than it would be for a woman. It is the same across the nation, senior aged women will have an easier time finding an open bed one of the nursing homes than a man will.

Men and women will receive the same type of constant supervision and care in nursing homes in Charlotte, but many of the activities and the planned outages are scheduled around interests, which are predominately female. Basket weaving, knitting and crocheting and book clubs are all things that are geared toward the senior aged women in nursing homes. Men may prefer fly fishing or hunting exhibits and nature experts to visit, but because the amount of male residents is significantly less within the nursing homes the activities and planned demonstrations are female oriented. This is something that a loved one of an elderly man should consider when choosing a nursing home. When the waits for beds in Charlotte nursing homes are longer for men, sometimes family and friends of male elderly people will choose the first nursing home with a bed available. It pays to research the staff and capability of a man receiving the same attention and activities as the women in the Charlotte nursing homes. Most nursing homes are not in the practice of discriminating against men or not paying attention to their needs, but there are some that are more inclined to cater to a man’s wants and needs than other nursing homes. An abundance of elderly men and women alike are residing in the Charlotte nursing homes. The increase in the senior population is making getting a bed more difficult as more people are aging and needing the constant supervision.

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