Nursing Homes in CT


Finding nursing homes in CT can be difficult if you live in another state. The caretakers of elderly parents or grandparents often feel overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions they have to make regarding  properly taking care of their loved ones. It can also e an emotional roller coaster for all concerned, including siblings who must shoulder the financial burdens, not to mention the senior in question who may experience a loss of control over their lives as a result of becoming feeble and dependent.

At GeriCareFinder, we understand not only all the intricate sides of senior care, but the emotional toll it takes on a family. That is why we have designed our site to educate seniors and their caretakers, and to make it easy to plan and execute the care decisions that have to be made. First of all, if a senior living in CT needs to move to a nursing home in order to receive the medical care and help with daily living they need to maintain their standard of living, chances are they are not able to sift through the details themselves. The responsibility lands on family members who may be dispersed throughout the country.

With GeriCareFinder, you can research anything related to nursing homes: how to choose one, how they differ from assisted living pr retirement communities, how to calculate what one will cost, how to afford paying for one, and you can even locate one from our site. We have helpful hints and tips, articles explaining nursing homes in detail and checklists to take with you when you check them out. Any member of the family living anywhere in the country can access our tools and share the information with everyone involved in the decision making process. We have won awards for our proprietary free tool called My GeriCare Workspace. Here different family members can post comments and opinions about their research or about the different nursing homes they were able to find. You could even arrange all the necessary appointments ahead of time to make your visit to CT more fruitful. The family can stay informed and keep up fresh communication with each other during the whole process of conscientiously selecting a fitting nursing home in CT for an elderly parent.

Many other services and information related to senior care are also available on our award winning site. We can help you find tax attorneys, estate planners and financial advisors who can help seniors to protect their assets and their legacy by giving them the right advice about gifts, wills, asset allocation and so on. We have a searchable database where you can plug in a zip code and find everything from senior meal delivery services to assisted transportation providers to help improve the current quality of life of your elderly family member.

Pay us a visit today and see why we have been named Best Interactive Site by leaders in the senior care industry, because of the comprehensive service we provide to seniors and their families.

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