Nursing Homes In Philadelphia

Nursing Homes in PhiladelphiaIn different nursing homes across Philadelphia you can hear seniors chiming in to the sound of BINGO.  Senior citizens in Philadelphia nursing homes are able to participate in a variety of activities to keep their minds sharp, there motor skills functioning, socializing and for entertainment.  Bingos in nursing homes across the state of Pennsylvania are busting at the seams with seniors who are willing to take the friendly competition and exercising their mind.  The importance of participating in activities is often overlooked as most regard the nursing home activities as merely entertainment for seniors.  Seniors need interaction with other and joining the activities in the nursing homes allows them the opportunity to get to know a fellow resident or at least get out of their room for a bit.  Some seniors in nursing homes are eager to help a fellow resident to participate in activities.  Not only is this a bonding experience, but as with most activities in the nursing homes seniors are practicing their motor function skills and hand eye coordination.

A certain level of concentration is required for nursing home activities.  Some activity centers promote more physical activity with exercise classes or host dances.  Seniors who are able to participate in activities are happier in nursing homes than those who are not willing or able to participate.  Grandmothers look forward to quilting Tuesdays and Grandpas to woodshop Thursdays.  Some activities, like bingo and other games, create an environment of healthy competition.  Seniors are able to exercise their minds with strategy and feel the adrenaline as the games get close to being tied.  Many people who have visited nursing homes in Philadelphia during an activity will recall the seniors making a lot of noise coming from the activity area.  Pianos and other instruments might be available on certain days or times to allow those musically inclined seniors to play some familiar songs while other seniors sing along.  For those who are able penny cake or ice cream socials are a fun way that seniors are coming together in Philadelphia nursing homes.

While seniors are not usually involved in the preparation of the cakes or ice creams, the nursing home cafeteria does a good job of hosting and making sure everyone has a nice time.  Often friends and family members of nursing home residents will participate in the activity or volunteer to assist or donate items to the nursing homes. A simply story telling time can be anything more than you have ever read in a history novel  and in some cases more outlandish than a science fiction too.  Seniors who are story telling will provide insight into the way that it was in years before.  Activities in Philadelphia nursing homes are bringing people together and giving seniors something to look forward to.  So while you may have had the perception that senior activities in nursing homes are all boring or low-key activities, stopping by one of the Philadelphia nursing homes and seeing or hearing the excitement may just change your mind.


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