Nursing Homes In Phoenix: Pill Time

Find quality nursing homes in PhoenixPill time at nursing homes in Phoenix can be tricky with some sneaky residents.  It is not easy for the nurses’ aides to track down some of the residents at pill time.  There are lots of times in the day when senior age residents of nursing homes are dreading.  Bath time, grooming time, clothes changing time and medication time may all render bad feelings for the residents of nursing homes.  The people who are trying to assist the residents in staying safe and well are not always able to easily do what is needed to care for the residents or without some patience and craftiness.  Residents will know the medication schedule.  Some residents will be sure to duck into a neighboring room or to go into their bathroom when it is time for medications to be administered.

It is not easy to convince someone with a mental illness, like Alzheimer ’s disease or Dementia, that the medications are necessary to maintain their personal health and well-being.  Many residents think that those workers in the Phoenix nursing homes are out to get them.  They will yell and scream for help in many cases when the nurses’ aides try to care for the residents.  It is heart-wrenching for those of us who know that the residents don’t know that the nursing home workers are trying to be helpful and care for the senior aged residents.  To hear people cry for help and ask to leave is difficult and the kind people who work in the nursing homes in Phoenix each day struggle to be able to separate their emotions from their jobs.

Pill time needs to be very well monitored and tracked.  Making sure that each resident gets the medication that he or she is prescribed on time and on schedule is important for their health.  Some medications are not able to be swallowed by the seniors in nursing homes in Phoenix and are crushed and put into different substances to take the pills.

Ways to take a crushed pill:

  1. In applesauce
  2. In yogurt
  3. With a beverage and dissolved
  4. In pudding
  5. Holding your nose can help

Of course, not all medications are able to be crushed to be taken.  Time released pills and pills of certain kinds are just simply not able to be crushed to make them easier to swallow.  In this case, for seniors in nursing homes who are unable to swallow the pills whole, the medications may need to be injected.  It is difficult to give the injection if a senior aged patient is unable to stay still.  In many cases, seniors will require medications which sedate.  For sleeping or merely to relax them, pills may be given.  It may seem hard to digest a family member to be medicated, but the doctor may prescribe something to calm a patient in the nursing home, so that they are able to receive proper care.

Some senior aged residents, without medications to calm them, will fight and physically harm the staff of a nursing home.  It is not typically something that a senior aged person would do had he or she been in their right state of mind, but as seniors age and mental illnesses set in it may be difficult to otherwise control their behaviors.  Nurses’ aides in Phoenix nursing homes often have a difficult time with some of the residents.


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