Nursing Homes New York

When caring for your loved one becomes an all day, all the time, constant need for supervision nursing homes are often the best senior living option for your elderly loved one. There are many options with regard to nursing homes in New York. Nursing homes provide a senior living option for those elderly people who need constant care or supervision or who may be recovering from an illness or injury. Rehabilitation and therapy are often offered in nursing homes to nurse people back to health. Short-term nursing home stays are for those who are able to recover or who are healing from an illness or injury.

Some people cannot get used to the smell that is associated with most nursing homes. Unfortunately, if you have ever been inside of nursing homes, no matter how clean or how tidy the staff is there is a distinctive smell associated with them. The people who work in nursing homes are able to smell these distinctive smells on a daily basis and not be affected. Nursing homes are home to many elderly people who do not have the mobility to use the restroom. For this reason, many residents in nursing homes are using adult diapers. Baths and showers may be difficult for senior aged people. In nursing homes, although the staff strives to ensure that each senior aged resident maintains proper hygiene it is common in New York nursing homes for residents to only bathe once every few days.

Nursing homes are the place that many elderly loved ones will reside in the years before he or she passes. Staff in nursing homes will help residents to be able to eat and or be fed. Meal times can be hectic and not all residents in nursing homes go to the dinning area. Some residents who are able to eat independently without a serious choking risk will eat in his or her room. In New York, like most states, it is the law to bring each resident a tray whether the resident is able to eat or not. The amount of food, which has been eaten at each mealtime, is to be recorded in the resident’s charts. This allows for the tracking of proper nutrition. Nursing homes are a place where senior aged people are able to receive constant supervision and around the clock care.

Nursing homes often have a salon in the facility. Hair stylists and trained professional cosmetologists are able to perform hair services in the designated area where residents receive hair appointments. Hair cuts, perms, hair coloring and face and neck shaving are just a few of the services that hair stylists offer in New York nursing homes. Some nursing homes only offer these services upon a previously scheduled appointment and other nursing homes allow residents to sign up for a hair service that day. Hair stylists, while familiar with the elderly, are not certified nurse’s assistants and will be unable to provide care services while performing hair treatments and services. CNAs should be in the area or readily available to assist the hair professionals while the residents are in their hair appointments.

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