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Find quality senior care in Oak ParkSummers in Oak Park, IL means enjoying the mild, beautiful summer weather and community get together.  Many family members will be back in town to visit their senior aged loved ones in the places they live, like Illinois.  Grandma and Grandpa may not see their grandchildren but maybe a few times a year and typically when school is on a break, like in the summer.  It is important to spend quality time with the seniors we love, but an important factor in senior visits, which some of us will overlook, is that we must evaluate the senior care needs when we are spending time visiting.

While enjoying the festivals in the town of Oak Park and all of the wonderful greenery and scenery that the summer in Illinois has to offer, checking up on how your senior aged loved ones are really doing is important.  The first thing that you should look for when checking on your senior aged loved one is their mental health.  Do they seem coherent and fully comprehending conversations?  Don’t be alarmed if you’re Grandma or Grandpa isn’t as quick to the draw as they maybe once were and give them some slack, as they’ve, after all, put up with you for all of these years. Making the physical assessment can be a little easier.  Check for mobility, flexibility and balance issues all of which can pose a danger to your senior aged loved one if unaddressed.  Check out their house.  Make sure that your senior aged loved one appears to still be caring for the day to day living responsibilities.  Are they eating well?  If you’re loved one is living in a dirty house or a place with the cupboards empty you may need to ask more questions and look deeper into your Grandparent’s living situation.

Most senior aged loved ones will be too proud and love you too much to ask for help.  You must keep your eyes open and look around for yourself while visit them in their hometown of Oak Park in the summer.   If you feel as if you are not equipped to have the conversation or make the assessment for senior care needs, then contacting a senior care specialist is the way to go.  Senior care needs, which are left unattended, may result in injury, illness or a general decline in your senior aged loved one’s quality of life.  If you have noticed changes in the behavior of your senior aged loved one, like a not well kept house or a change in appearance or personal hygiene, it may be time to call a senior care professional for an in-home care assessment.  Those of you who are not in town visiting your senior, but rather if you are with your senior aged loved one each day in their Oak Park home the changes in behavior may be gradual and slight, so over time they may happen without being detected.  People who see their senior aged loved ones everyday do not notice the subtle, slow changes as easily as an outside source or senior care specialist might. The smallest things may indicate that your aging loved one needs senior care and perhaps a family caregiver is no longer able to provide the time and assistance that a senior will need to remain safe.  Senior care in Oak Park and really check out their situation while visiting with them this summer in Illinois.


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