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Getting your house in order after a long winter is not something that is easily done alone for some seniors.  Home care services can help make these tasks a little less daunting.  Seniors may not have the energy that they once had.  For this reason, it is important for seniors to keep in mind their own limitations and capacity.  Some seniors are good to work on these tasks for a few hours and others just a few minutes before tiring.  Home care helpers can be just what the senior’s needs to get their homes in order and ensure that their home living spaces are safe and free of unnecessary items.  Keeping a senior’s house clutter free is more than just about maintaining appearances in the home.  If items are not stored properly and are about the home without order, the items may become a danger to the senior.  For instance, items stacked without order may fall on a senior or become a trip hazard. Both of which can be dangerous and cause a safety concern.  Seniors with respiratory issues or allergies may suffer more if their home is cluttered with extra things to collect dust.

A senior should have the safest home to improve their quality of life.  Some family members may start the process of helping a senior to get things in order, but the daily tasks of maintaining the order in the home may become too much for a family member to maintain on a daily basis.  It is most important that family members remember that while they’d prefer to be the one to help, that there are times when enlisting home care services is actually the best way to take care of a senior aged loved one.  Caregivers will also need help and home care services can help a caregiver by giving him or her break from their caregiver responsibilities.  Ways a home care worker will provide support and care for your senior to help keep their home in order are:

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Organizing
  3. Purging old unused items
  4. Packing items into storage containers
  5. Moving items to better locations for storage

Housekeeping may be something that a senior is able to do on their own, but there are periods of time in which a senior may need assistance.  Right after a medical condition has caused a decline in health or health change, a senior may not be able to keep up with all of their responsibilities in their home alone.  It is especially important, while a senior is healing and recovering, to have the cleanest home possible.  To prevent infection, prolonged or worsening conditions a senior will need to ensure their home is well kept.  Organizing items in the senior’s home may mean moving items to better locations for storage and getting the items out of the senior’s typical walking paths.  When we are younger, we may not consider this any issue at all in our home because we are able to easily maneuver around items which may be in our way, but for a senior this may pose a safety concern.  Seniors may need assistance with going through items in their home and purging old, unused or unwanted items. Home care workers can help to keep a senior safe and healthy by keeping their home in order.


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