Personalization in Memory Care Services

Autumn Leaves Memory Care in IllinoisIt is not often that you hear that a memory care facility will actually tailor a meal around one of the particular residents, but at Autumn Leaves that is certainly the case. Not all Illinois memory care facilities are created equal and for that reason it is time to look at who will personalize the living and care experience to your senior aged loved one. Talking to your family and doing what is best with the best interests of your senior aged loved one in mind, means at times being completely and utterly selfless. The senior and what is best for he or she is really what should be the primary focus in making such a decision. So personalization is key to recovery, improvement and sustaining long term health. With that being said, there is a way to give your senior what is the best in memory care while also doing a little something for your family. At Autumn Leaves, the care facility and the amazing chefs who serve the seniors there will focus one meal a month on a resident’s family. It is a chance to all gather, as you most likely once had when your senior aged loved one was hosting the meal around their table. Nothing can replace the memories that we make with our loved ones and experiencing a meal of your choice in a fine dining environment with a delicious four course meal is a memory that you will not soon forget. A private room for the dining experience allows for your family to really take the time to enjoy each other. The intimacy is something that will bring you and your loved one even closer and help to keep your family well connected. This intimate dinner is not something that you may be able to expect from all Illinois memory care facilities, but at Autumn Leaves the personalized experience and focus on family is quite evident.

Autumn Leaves also offers that the residents and families may provide family recipes to be prepared by their chefs. This is an opportunity, once again, to personalize the care experience and really make this memory care facility feel more like home. You will feel most welcome when visiting at Autumn Leaves and rest assured that your senior aged loved one will feel just as well knowing that some of their old favorite dishes are being prepared and able to be enjoyed by all. Food can be a healing tool in memory care. It may seem to some to sound strange, but once you hear how this happens you will most certainly agree. The dining experience offers an array of flavors, colors, and aromas that will stimulate the senses. Anytime the senses are stimulated, there is the opportunity to improve cognition. Dining offers a memory care facility resident the opportunity to socialize and that among many other things can really help to sustain a healthy mind or improve memory function. It is best to look into not only the memory care aspect of a memory care facility, but also how the facility will personalize the care and living experience for your senior aged loved one.

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