Disposal, Donations, Moving and Storage

Seniors are the matriarchs of their families and often this means that the majority of the things that children and spouses have left behind bear the burden of storage in a senior aged person's home.  Disposing of potential fire hazards and mold collectors in the home of an elder can help to maintain the safety in the home.  Not all things in an older person's home are necessarily trash and need disposal.  Often, there are family heirlooms and other antiques with sentimental family importance, which must be moved to another location or put in storage for the time being.  To de-clutter a home and remove items, which need to be donated, moved, stored or disposed of is a way to ensure that there are not trip hazards in an elderly person's home.  Trips and falls account for many injuries among senior aged people.  In most cities, there are disposal services, which are able to handle removal of items from small to large sizes.  Moving companies are available to assist with taking items to a donation collection site, donation store or to a storage facility.  Seniors who do not have the money to have trash removed may be able to get assistance from their local municipality or township.  Most of the time the local area likes to keeps the area beautiful and removing trash and other eyesores is one of the main ways to keep a town looking beautiful.  Some senior services offer assistance with packing and moving items for older people.  Research the senior centers and centers for aging in the town and sees what assistance is available at little or no cost for seniors.  Donating, moving, storing and disposal of non-necessary items from a senior's home keeps it clutter-free and safe.


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