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Just because you are a little bit older does not mean that you should neglect the appearance of your house. One of the ways to give new life to a drab house or apartment is to give your walls a new coat of paint. You can choose to do the job yourself or higher one of the home painters in your area.

Painting a room is not that difficult when you are young and in good health. The hardest part of the job is actually not the painting, but the preparation. First, all of the paintings, mirrors and other things hanging on the walls need to be removed. Remember to remove the switch plates and electrical outlet cover plates so you do not accidentally get paint on them. Next, you will need to move or remove all of the furniture near the walls. Usually, you can just push the furniture to one side of the room while you work on the other side.

Next, you need to prepare the walls before you start to paint. Amateur home painters sometimes skip the important step of patching all the small holes and blemishes in the wall and then sanding them smooth. This step will give you a clean, professional finish. After you have patched and sanded, it is time to tape. You should apply painter's tape around the edges over areas you do not want to paint. Finally, lay down a drop cloth against the wall to catch any drips or accidental spills. There is nothing worse than trying to get paint out of the carpet.

Now that you are ready to paint, you should have your paint ready. Make sure it is well stirred so it goes on smoothly and covers well. Following the proper painting techniques will make the job go more quickly and also result in a nicely finished appearance. You should cut in the corners with a good brush and paint the large areas with a roller. After the walls have all been painted, close the lid on the paint and pick up the drop cloth. Wait for the paint to completely dry and then remove the painter's tape. Now, on to the next room.


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