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More senior citizens live independent of family and organized health care than ever before. The physical and mental condition of geriatrics has been greatly enhanced with modern medicine and healthier lifestyles, hence creating longevity and opportunity to remain independent of others. To maintain one's independence responsibilities and challenges must be met, such as accomplishment of daily chores and meal preparations, bills to pay, grocery shopping and other errands, plus medical care and appointments to keep track of. There are many organizations which offer in-home help for situations such as moving furniture, repairing appliances, and personal shopping. A major undertaking by personnel in the home appliance repair service industry addresses the special needs elderly citizens may need to maintain their independence and well-being.

Service technicians are now offered awareness training to better serve senior citizens. Service technicians, whether trained by a corporation or a community college, receive optional awareness training which is has proved a needed service during the performance of a repair call.

Technicians are made aware of the client's possible diminished hearing and sight. They are trained to knock loudly upon arrival at a location, using the entry the occupant uses. Technicians also call the client's home phone to give them amore definite time of arrival. When a technician arrives at a location, theyare instructed to await the client response, but to be aware in case the client may have fallen or otherwise been detained from coming to the door.

As a repair call is accomplished, service technicians are trained to be aware of foodstuff that may have spoiled due to the appliance malfunction. The technician is encouraged to dispose of the spoiled food by bagging it and taking it with them. A repair call is accomplished in the same timely manner as any other service call, but with greater awareness of the senior citizen's environment. An accounting of the environment may find less than safe situations that could easily be corrected with a little time and effort. AARP and other senior citizen advocates have also encouraged home appliance repair services to give discounts to seniors, too.

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