Home Washer Dryer Service

Home washer dryer service for the elderly enables seniors to independently manage the everyday chore of laundry. Specific care for older citizens is in demand for those who are taking advantage of living in the comfort of their own home as they age. Expensive retirement apartments and assisted living facilities are not an option for a large segment of the average income older generation. Hiring a part time service to wash and dry personal clothing items is an affordable option for thousands of seniors. Having this type of help eliminates one task that many caregivers are offering for their older friends and relatives.

A home washer dryer service typically offers a choice of taking laundry to a professional laundry mat or using home machines when available. Sorting clothes and linens, and pre-treating stains are a part of the home service. Checking pockets, zipping zippers, and turning down cuffs are other areas that the home washer dryer service attendant will take care of during the washing process. Special washing and drying instructions will be discussed with the resident before the laundry begins. The service attendant will set the wash cycle and water temperature and level according to the directions of the senior. Drying the clothes and linens will be based on the owner's instructions or according to the drying directions on the items.

Offering a home washer dryer service is giving the aging population the gift of taking care of everyday chores, without relinquishing the freedom and independence of living in their own home. The baby boomer generation is turning the attention of the public to the issues of aging. Creative and innovative ideas are giving seniors much needed dependable and necessary help for everyday living tasks. Older individuals choose adding personal services to their lives instead of being housed in a residential home with hundreds of others. This personal assistance option of home washer dryer service takes the burden off of wheelchair bound men and women who are not able to take care of their laundry without the risk of injuring themselves.

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