House Cleaning and Maid Services

Everyone likes a clean home, yet as we age simple tasks, including keeping a house neat and tidy, can become increasingly more difficult to complete. A clean home promotes positive attitudes and is healthier for us too. To help with this task, there are many companies and individuals ready for hire.

Services offered by house cleaning companies and individuals can range from seasonal cleaning including washing walls, windows, and major appliances to weekly surface cleanings. Some services may only do the cleaning necessary for that day, while others may work down a checklist regardless of other cleaning needs. Many house cleaning services will clean homes, apartments and will clean assisted-living dwellings where only basic cleaning services are provided. Explaining the individual's needs and expectations for the cleaning job when procuring the cleaning services is the best way to ensure the house cleaning company and the individual is happy.

Choosing the right housing cleaning service or maid is essential. The person selected to clean the home will have access to valuables, treasured possessions and even have access to personal documents that contain information which could be used for identity theft.

Oftentimes family members or friends may recommend an individual to help clean a home. While this can be a workable situation, care should be given when allowing anyone to clean a home. Trustworthy individuals are a must, as theft and scams abound in the housecleaning industry. Hiring a service listed with the Better Business Bureau with a clean track record is the best safety precaution. These services generally carry insurance and often have other professional credentials. Although a housecleaning service or maid service may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is worth the effort to find a service that is professional with reasonable rates for a clean home, than a more questionable individual who offers the lowest rate and provides substandard service.


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