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As we get older, it is only natural that we slow down. Things you could do when you were 30 are no longer possible when you are 70. However, many seniors and elderly people are still physically active and can do most chores around the house without assistance. If you own a home with a lawn, you might want to mow the lawn yourself or, you might be like your younger neighbors and hire someone to do the job.

A riding mower makes the job much easier, but most people only have a push mower. If you are physically fit enough to mow your own lawn, there are some things you can do to make the job both easier and safer.

The hot summer can be brutal. People of all ages, including senior citizens are susceptible not only to sunburn, but also heat stroke. Pushing a mower in the afternoon sun is not very smart. Instead of going out at 3:00pm in the afternoon, fire up the mower around 8:00am -9:00am when the temperature is cooler and the sun is not so hot.

The type of lawnmower you buy can make a big difference in the amount of energy you must expend on your home lawn mowing job. There are a wide variety of push mowers available at your local home centers and other retail outlets. Trying to start the mower with a pull of the cord can be very frustrating. Sometimes you pull and pull and the mower only just will not respond.

One of the nice features that many new lawn mowers have is an electric starter. Instead of struggling with the pull-string and wearing yourself out trying to start the lawn mower, you can simply turn the key and start the mower.

Electric mowers are lightweight and easy to push. If you have a small lawn, you might want to buy an electric mower. The cord can get in the way, but it is still easier to use than a gasoline powered lawn mower.

Finally, for very small lawns where there is only a small area to cut, you might consider a simple reel mower. A reel mower has sharp blades that cut as you push. You provide the power. It is an easy way to get a little exercise and at the same time you can feel good that you are not adding any pollution to the environment.

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