Home Roof Repair

Roof problems and repairs are common. Finding a reputable roof repair specialist, however, can be a bit of a challenge. If you know someone who has had roof repairs or replacements done, and were very pleased, you may wish to call that company and get an estimate. Here are a few more suggestions to help you get  the help you need for your roof repairs.

Always Get Estimates First

Most people are not able to climb a ladder and get up on the roof. Because of this, many roofers may convince you that the repair is going to be more extensive than it is, or that you need a whole new roof. You don't know if the information is correct or not. Some may even show you "pictures" of what your roof problem is. Maybe those pictures areyour roof, and maybe they are pictures of someone else's. You do not know. Getat least three estimates for your roof repair. Always make the companies show you their licenses and write the number down. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against them.

Do Not Delay Roof Repairs

A new roof may be delayed for awhile. You may get away with a patch this time. But be aware that roofs that leak in several places doneed to be replaced. Roofs wear out, and no amount of repeated patching will keep water from ruining wood. Rotted roof areas encourage termites or wood ants to invade. Open areas in roofs can also let rats, bats or birds into the attic. If this happens, the homeowner has a whole new set of problems and costs.

Rotted Roofs Encourage Mold

Many homes have mold problems which started in the roof. Once mold gets into a home, it is nearly impossible to remove it. Mold can be a serious health problem. Some people end up in the hospital.

Consult With Family Members Before Signing

Go over contracts with family or close friends before signing anything. Roof repairs are expensive, and a second opinion is always a good thing.


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Do Not Delay Roof Repairs