Home Tree Trimming

If you are a homeowner and have a yard full of trees, then, you need to maintain them from time to time. Home tree trimming can be dangerous work for young and old alike. The process of removing dead branches and pruning others requires both knowledge and care.

Low hanging, small branches can usually be handled by the homeowner. Using a pair of loppers for branches an inch or less in diameter is fairly easy. The leverage that can be applied by a good set of sharp loppers will easily cut through branches and twigs. For thicker branches, you will need some type of saw.

Pole saws are designed to allow you to reach higher up to get branches 10 or 15 feet above the ground. This can be a little bit more difficult work and seniors should not attempt this unless they are in very good health and have the okay from their doctor.

Small battery powered chain saws that are mounted to the end of an extendable pole make it easy to cut high branches that are up to 6 inches in diameter. When cutting these larger branches you should be extra careful and observe all safety rules.

Never try to cut a branch that is farther then you can comfortably reach. Many people get hurt stretching their arms high above their heads and standing on their toes to reach that far away branch. You should always be well balanced and in control of the saw. If you can not safely reach the branch while standing on the ground, you may use a ladder, but again, be sure it is firmly planted on the ground and you do not have to reach out too far. Falling off a ladder can cause serious injury.

The other problem with trying to cut large branches when you are older and not in the best physical condition is that branches can fall on your head and cause injury. Always plan how the branch will fall after you make the cut. Wearing a hard hat is not a bad idea. Finally, call a professional tree trimmer for any home tree trimming projects that you can not handle on your own.