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Regrettably, seniors often follow a common fallacy as it concerns self-administration of medical care: many think that it can't even be done. Whether because of intimidation by the clinical environment and health care professionals, lack of research in pursuing home care, or just group think, seniors and the elderly tend to underestimate their ability to treat most minor and even some major health problems. After reading this concise examination of the products available, the proper use of each, and how they can be acquired, seniors willage, heal, and save money in place.


Among the most major categories of items that can be purchased for home care are orthotic implements. Whether for pre-operation preparation or post-operation rehabilitation, braces of all kinds are available for correcting hip, knee,ankle, neck, and back injuries. These braces can either be prescribed and made by health professionals, or purchased as generics at major stores. Seniors can purchase braces on-line or at the store for as low as 10 dollars.


Edema sleeves are very practical in encouraging poor circulation using compression. Most of these sleeves come with pumps attached, for regulating the amount of compression applied to the problem area over which the sleeve is worn. Also very practical and inexpensive for home use, purchasing an edema sleeve is sureto save seniors time and money over the clinical runaround.


Electronic stimulation units, used in physical therapy clinics to relieve chronic pain of almost all kinds, are available for purchase in conveniently-sized home units.These devices, which utilize electrode pads to deliver a steady current of electricity to problem areas in order to relieve swelling and pressure, are surprisingly affordable and very safe for home use.


There are hundreds of other products, from first aid to skin care to nutritional supplements, that seniors should educate themselves about to provide a strong front against medical institutionalization and a possible nursing home situation.If this information is taken seriously, seniors will be better able to fight for their independence, health, financial freedom and happiness.



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