Disability Equipment

Finding the right disability equipment can assist you in being more independent inside your own home, and can even allow you to enjoy more of the outdoors and activities that you love. Supplies can include grab bars for the bathroom, motorized wheelchairs, and other safety and mobility devices.


Mobility Equipment

The simplest mobility equipment can help you complete tasks around the house easily. For instance, grab bars placed near chairs can assist you with moving from the sitting position, while electric recliners can provide a boost that makes sitting and standing more comfortable. Electric wheelchairs, or motorized scooters, are also a good option if you have a disability that reduces your ability to walk.

Stair lifts are also available for seniors. Stair lifts are simple to install and can allow seniors to stay in their own home after an illness or injury that has caused significant disability. While stair lifts can be a little more costly than grab bars and other equipment, they allow you to move up and down the stairs even when the power is out.


Safety Equipment

Choosing disability equipment to reduce the chances of injury is important, especially when living alone.For instance, shower chairs reduce slipping in the shower and are very inexpensive. Grab bars are also idea in the bathroom and in any areas where the floor can become wet. When installed properly, grab bars can provide ample support in baths and showers.

Walk in showers are also good options for those suffering from disabilities that affect the knees and legs. Walk in showers have a door opening for easy access, and can be installed in place of a traditional tub. Caregivers and the disabled will find that using a walk in shower or a sliding bath seat to be the most convenient ways to bathe when disabilities have affected mobility.


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