Diabetes Supplies

Diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar every day. A diabetic meter measures your blood sugar and gives a numeric read out. It is very important to know what that number is so you can adjust your insulin or medication to keep you feeling well. Sometimes, seniors or people living on a fixed income have difficulty affording their diabetic supplies. There is help available to those with the most financial need.

Medicare Part D prescription coverage will usually pay for diabetic supplies that are prescribed by a doctor. Many companies and organizations offer free monitors and some starter supplies when you sign up to their website or agree to order supplies through their company.

Your insurance company will usually cover most, if not all, of the cost for test strips, lancets, insulin, needles, medication and all other supplies needed to manage your diabetes. If you do not have insurance and also do not have enough money to pay for the supplies out of your own pocket, there are some other programs that might be able to help.

Medicaid, unlike Medicare is available only to people with incomes below a certain level. If you are on Medicaid, you will have all of your diabetic supplies paid for by the government program. There are also some community organizations that can provide diabetics in need with some assistance. Clinics that serve the lower income segment of the population also have programs where you pay on a sliding scale. Those with the lowest income pay less for their diabetic supplies.

Taking care of your diabetes by monitoring your blood supply is very important. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels not only can make you feel miserable, but they can also lead to many other health problems. Diabetics are susceptible to an assortment of medical problems including heart disease and high blood pressure.

Diabetics also must be very careful if they cut themselves because wounds are often slow to heal and can become infected. The feet are a particular area of concern for diabetics as you might not even notice a cut on the foot. Left untreated, the injury can eventually lead to infection and even amputation.

As you can see, testing your blood sugar is important for all diabetics. While it can be inconvenient having to test two or three times per day, you must do it to stay healthy. Keeping control of your blood sugar can greatly enhance the quality of your life.


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