Hearing Aid Implants

Most senior citizens and elderly people suffer from some form of hearing loss as they age. Sometimes they don't want to wear a hearing aid because they find them too cumbersome and uncomfortable. Now there are hearing aid implants available as an alternative.

For those seniors who have a severe hearing loss, the hearing aid implants are the most effective way to help them hear better. An example of a severe hearing loss are those who have auditory neuropathy. There are several advantages to having hearing aid implants instead of the more common types. The elderly will notice that they can hear things at a distance much better. When they have hearing aid implants they will not need to speak as loudly as they may with a hearing aid.

Some seniors who wear hearing aids may also need a special telephone to hear better. The implants will eliminate that need. They will be able to hear normally with any type of telephone. Another advantage by using the telephone is that women will be easier to hear and understand. This may seem like an unusual fact, but some seniors say that they have more problems hearing women over the telephone than hearing men when they wear hearing aids.

Since hearing aids sit right outside of the ear canal, there is always a chance of earmold. Having the implants will eliminate this issue. Cleanliness is a definite advantage of the hearing aid implants.

Acoustic feedback is another problem for those with hearing aids. This problem is also solved by having the implants. It is also much easier to hear definite consonant perception in high frequency with the implants and not the hearing aids. Loud noises are also very difficult to cope with while wearing hearing aids, but not with the implants.

Even though hearing aid implants are more expensive than their hearing aid counterparts, there is never a need to have them fitted correctly and to be kept well-monitored. Once the implants are in place, there is no need for the senior to move them for best results.


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