Mobility Wheelchair

A mobility wheelchair can help you become more mobile than ever. Motorized wheelchairs are a simple solution to mobility issues that restrict your ability to walk, allowing you to remain independent and enjoy your life at home and outdoor more fully. Choosing the right wheelchair for your personal needs is the first step in becoming more mobile.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are several different styles of mobility wheelchairs on the market today. A manual wheelchair is the simplest, and least expensive, type of wheelchair available. This style of wheelchair does require that someone push the chair, or the person in the wheelchair moves the wheels manually. For those people with disabilities that prevent the manual movement of the chair, there are electric options available.

Electric mobility wheelchairs are simple to operate and can also be paid for, either partially or fully, with your insurance. Options for electric wheelchairs include both three and four wheel options. A three wheeled chair can be morebeneficial with limited space, while a four wheeled chair can be more stable. Bariatric chairs are also an option for seniors over three hundred and fifty pounds.

Choosing Your Chair

When choosing a mobility wheelchair, you will need to decide which option is right for your personal needs. Seniors on a budget may want to consider looking for a wheelchair option that is covered by insurance. Most manual chairs are covered,but if you have a medical reason for needing the chair then your electric chair may also be covered. A doctors prescription or reference may be needed to have insurance pay for the electric chair, however.

Additional mobility wheelchair accessories are also a good idea. For example, you may want to buy an extra wheelchair battery to use for emergencies. Your chair will charge on an electrical outlet as needed, but you can take the extra battery along when in the outdoors. Other accessories, such as a van lift, can also make becoming mobile much easier.


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