Life Celebration, Funerals, and Cemeteries

Celebrating the life and mourning the death of a senior aged loved one is different for every family.  The funeral processions and the need to be buried in a cemetery are choices that are made usually by a person long before he or she is an elder or passes.  The family is usually aware of the wishes of an elderly loved one and those wishes are carried out upon their passing.  In some cases, the people make the decisions with regard to funeral processions and arrangements closest to the senior based on religious, spiritual and fundamental beliefs.  Some people believe in cremation of a person's body and some believe that there must be a physical body buried in a cemetery. 

These are all things that can be found in a will and testate.  Some senior aged people, before they pass, are proactive and have a will to list their wishes which allows the family for the least amount of stress in that final time of a person's life.  A life celebration is just as it states a celebration of one's life with very little focus on a person's death.  A funeral is a way for the family and friends to mourn and grieve the death of a senior aged loved one.  Some funerals are a ritual and last right of passage as part of a religion or spiritual belief.  Cemeteries will allow for the previous purchase of cemetery plots or spaces within the vaults for a person to be buried.  Anything that a person can plan for prior to their passing will exponentially decrease the stress on their family upon their death.  Seniors can work with a senior care advisor to arrange final plans


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