Assisted Transportation - Local Transportation For Seniors

 Most of us can recall the inconvenience when our car is in the shop or if we may not have felt well enough to drive while being sick or after taking some medications.  Now think about how long you've been driving a car.  Finally,consider how you would feel if you were told you were not able to drive any longer, that you needed to depend on others in the family, friends, relatives, or a local transportation service.


Unfortunately, as many seniors age their eyesight and reflexes are negatively affected, and thus, they shouldn't be driving, not only for the danger they put themselves in, but also the hazard and danger they are to others who are driving on the road, or pedestrians walking across the street.  When the pros and cons are weighed, the decision sometimes is to find alternatives to driving one's own car.


There are many local non-medical transport  services that can assist seniors.  Similar to the way busses route, some smaller communities offer such services that run on schedules similar to a bus or train schedule, without the crowds and potential dangers of too many people on a bus who may not be patient enough to wait for a senior who may walk slower.  Additionally, there are local transport services that are similar to a taxi service, except they won't charge "while the meter is running", as they'll pick up an elderly person, take them to their desired location like a doctor or a pharmacy, and then wait for them to come out in order to return them to their home.


Many seniors use these services for shopping or even to see friends who may live across town, so there are alternatives when one may find they no longer can drive themselves around town.


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