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As the need has progressed in the last 10 years, there are real estate agents and realtors who specialize in the needs of seniors.  From downsizing one's life to sorting out the furniture for true need and safety, the field of senior moving has quickly grown.  There is also the need to find a location to move to, when a senior is fully capable of still taking care of themselves and/or their spouse, where considerations such as spiritual churches or holy place, or other community activity centers become more important than perhaps one's existing home on the lake or with a view.


Many seniors who look to the future consider living in a single-level home, though this may sound practical, one must also consider the need for exercise.  So the floor plan that will be determined in one's next location can be evaluated with the real estate agent or senior move manager.  These are the things to evaluate in advance, because no one likes to pack up and move, let alone do this multiple times after living in one's house for a number of years.  Many seniors look to a 'last move' not because they feel they'll be dead soon, but because the strain and hassle of packing and unpacking is not on their list of fun things to do!


Never be in any hurry to move, as there are many considerations of distance to the rest of the family, proximity to one's doctors and/or a nearby hospital, as well as the climate that a senior may need to change to - warmer is usually better, but not to the extent where you have to stay indoors with the air conditioning on for the rest of one's life either!  Take your time to evaluate many options, as what you finally decide upon may indeed be a surprise.


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