Rain or Shine for San Jose Seniors

Assisted Living in San JoseSan Jose seniors are getting moving no matter the weather.  In assisted living facilities, there are times when the seniors are not able to partake in outdoor activities, due to the extreme heat.  Heat and weather can be particularly dangerous for a senior.  It is important that seniors are not exerting too much energy or overheating on these extremely hot days.  For this reason, assisted living is changing with the times and incorporating some really cool ways to keep seniors physically active even indoors!  There are many game systems which link up to televisions in senior’s rooms and in the community areas within the assisted living facility where seniors are playing baseball, bowling, yoga, dancing and other activities all from inside the assisted living facility and in any weather conditions.  Of course, there are still the previously popular activities like bingo and painting, but with the advances in technology there are so many other activities that are keeping seniors moving and their minds sharp.  To use a game system to play a game like bowling, you need to have coordination and use your brain to think about what comes next in the game not to mention the game stick which is controlling the outcome of wear you are rolling the bowling ball.

So there’s a physical activities aspect to playing the game as well.  It is not something you would’ve probably seen in the previous decade, but in this day video games are about more than sitting stationary in a chair with a controller.  There are so many options for games for these game systems that most seniors can find something to suit their fancy.  Although the games are beneficial for the mind and body, they are also fun and are finding a way to bring seniors in the assisted living facilities together to play a game and bond.  Seniors may not be in the position or wish to travel to a local bowling alley when they want to play a game of bowling with the other residents, their friends.  Also, other activities that they may do together outside may not be possible when it is really hot outside, so this way the seniors are getting together to do something together which will enrich their quality of life and give them a sense of a social life.  Things have really come a long way when it comes to the entertainment and activities which are available to seniors in assisted living facilities.  While the seniors may not all know how to get the game going in the game system, there are people there to help along the way.  What an incredibly rewarding experience for a helper in an assisted living facility to assist a senior with such a fun activity and in many cases is even asked to join for a game!  The next time you are in the market for an assisted living facility, don’t miss all of the fringe benefits and be sure to ask about the activities they have for the senior residents as you may just be surprised at all that you will find.

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