Retirement Communities Arizona

Arizona is one of the prime states people think of when they’re considering moving to one of the many retirement communities.  That’s because of Arizona’s warm weather, relatively flat landscape, and sometimes because of the conservative nature of the state’s policies.  Regardless of whether you’re seeking retirement communities in Arizona of another warm state to move to, make sure you’ve thought of what life will be like living in retirement.

Your definition of retirement.  Perhaps this is the most important aspect of choosing retirement communities in Arizona that often goes unanswered.  Keep in mind that you may be married or in a partnership relationship, and that your definition of retirement community living may not match your partners – imagine that!  Some people think of retirement communities which are defined as a new, clean, single-family home that’s flat, in a safe place, where you can travel in golf carts all day.  That may or may not be your definition, nor may it be equal to that of your partner.  Regardless, before you embark on seeking the perfect retirement community, know in your own head what you mean, and how you define, retirement living.

Doing for yourself vs. doing for others.  So why are you looking into Arizona retirement communities?  Is this because you’ve identified that this is the best place you want to live for the next 10+ years, or are your friends making this move?  Are you looking to fulfill a lifetime dream of retirement living, or are you feeling like you’re too much of a burden on your children or relatives because you have more time on your hands than they do, and you’re constantly looking for something to do?  Regardless of the reason, you better make up your own mind based on your own needs and desires, instead of considering retirement communities in Arizona or elsewhere, because you’re trying to satisfy someone other than yourself.

Proximity to friends. The bottom line is that people with more friends, who see those friends more often and have more friendship experiences, are happier and live longer.  So if you’re considering moving far from your circle of friends, or moving away to any retirement communities that may not be close enough to your best friend(s) to get together often, then simply don’t move.  It’s more important for you to have those friendships that have lasted, and that you continue to grow in life with those friends through experiences, than it is for you to consider giving up those friends for living away from them.

What’s important to you.  Are friends important?  Is your family important?  Is the weather more important than restaurants, or is the sports team you like to watch more important than your place of worship and who you see at the beauty or barber shop?  All of these make up what’s important to you, and when you move to a retirement community that may be far from any of the aforementioned places you normally congregate, then reconsider where you may be moving to.  It’s important in life to continue to grow, and usually that means growing out from your core of beliefs, then outwardly into experiences that are consistent with your beliefs, with friends and at places that these experiences can happen, etc., etc.  Which means that once you get tangential to what has worked for you in life, you’re risking your normal pattern of growth, and you’re risking your own happiness.

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