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Finding retirement homes for sale requires a little bit more planning than searching for houses in a traditional residential community. Seniors and their loved ones must make sure that the community is right for their needs and that it meets their goals for a happy, fulfilling retirement.

If you aren’t careful about your search, you could end up living in a location that isn’t a good fit. But that doesn’t mean your search should cause you anxiety and frustration either. By creating a simple wishlist and a set of basic requirements, you’ll be able to quickly find the home of your dreams.


Comparing Retirement Homes For Sale – What To Look For

Location and proximity to family & friends.
When most people retire, they don’t want to move far away from family and friends. In fact, just the opposite. Now that you’ll have extra free time, you’ll want to be able to visit with loved ones more often. When searching for retirement homes for sale, be sure to focus on communities that are within driving distance, making it easy to visit others and have visitors come to you. You may be tempted by the luxurious amenities of a community that is hundreds of miles away. But those amenities won’t compare to being just a few minutes from those you love.

Quiet neighborhoods and surrounding areas.
Not all retirement communities offer the same serene, quiet environment – even when they are limited to 55+ seniors. Some houses are built right next to busy business centers, highways or even industrial sites. Others are sometimes surrounded by regular residential communities, which means that they receive a lot of traffic from people who drive through at all hours of the day and night. As you visit various homes, be sure to pay close attention to the level of noise from these external factors. Come back at different times of the day to see if the environment changes at all.

Nursing and home care.
If you’ll need nursing care or assisted living services on-site, then this is something you should be asking about whenever you search for retirement homes for sale. Some communities have professional nurses directly on site and available 24 hours a day, while others hire outside services on a case-by-case basis. Make sure your exact needs can be met.

Activities and amenities.
Do you simply want a quiet home in a community where you can be completely independent? Or do you want to have the option to meet other people and participate in activities each week? If you want to be as active as possible, be sure that you search for retirement homes for sale that have a variety of activities and services available for those who live in the community.

While price should never be the sole consideration when comparing homes for sale, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re paying for. Some houses are sold like regular single-family homes. Some have extra monthly fees to cover community services. Some have substantial entrance fees with declining balances that are partially refundable. With so many options, it’s crucial that you get a clear explanation of all costs, on paper, so you can evaluate the total price and value.


Start Your Search Online

GeriCareFinder makes it easy to search for retirement homes for sale in your area. Use our simple online form to find nearly any type of community you’re looking for: 55+ retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and so much more.

Plus, we can also direct you to planning services, financial advisors, estate managers and other services that you may need during your search for retirement homes for sale.

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