Retirement Home Crimes In Phoenix

Crimes against senior citizens can be a concern, but not typically in retirement homes in Phoenix.  Seniors are often the target of scams and home invasions.  When the seniors are living together in a retirement home with people their own age and of like mindsets, there is a lesser opportunity for thieves and home invaders to attempt to take advantage of the older people.  In Phoenix, most retirement homes are nestled in quiet neighborhoods and many are off of the beaten path, but some are right in the heart of the city.  No matter the location of the retirement homes, safety and security for the senior aged residents in retirement homes and the property in the retirement homes is a serious concern.  Most retirement homes are well equipped with many things to keep the residents safe.  See the Retirement Home Safety Checklist to ensure that your senior aged loved one is secure when choosing of the retirement homes in Phoenix.

retirement home in Phoenix, AZA well-lit garage or parking area is one of the best ways to tell if the safety is addressed in any Phoenix retirement home.  Asking the postman who delivers mail in the area his opinion about the crime in the area of the retirement homes can often render the honest facts about the area, as opposed to taking the word of the management of the retirement homes.  A manager or retirement home administrator has a vested interest in the response to the question about security.  The postman, on the other hand, will usually be very familiar with the area and will typically offer an honest response as he will not have any bias or reason to answer one way or the other.  Many of the retirement homes in Phoenix will have security cameras.  The only thing to consider with regard to security cameras are that you will want to be sure that the residents’ privacy is protected.  Most retirement homes with security cameras require that a waiver be signed that residents are aware that they will be video tapped while on the property.  This is for the safety of the residents in the retirement homes.  Some seniors are just completely turned off by the idea of a camera capturing their movements about the retirement homes’ property.

Lower level apartments and common areas should have well-made security tight windows with functioning locks.  The locks on the windows should be checked and remain locked, especially at night or while residents would not be in the lower level rooms.  While not all security risks can be completely eliminated, there are steps that retirement homes can take to ensure the safety of the older residents and to protect seniors living in the retirement homes.  Motion lights and alarms will often be a part of security and many Phoenix retirement homes and complexes are gated.  This prevents only those who are residents or with prior authorization to visit are able to come onto the retirement home’s property.  The best thing that seniors can do to protect their security and keep them safe is to report suspicious behavior to management or security teams.

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