Sunny Days for San Diego Senior Care

Senior living without abuseIt is important that your elderly loved one enjoy all of the sunny days of their golden years without the worry of abuse. All too often we hear and read about in the news our seniors being taken advantage of, treated badly and abused.  It is time to take a stand.  The best thing you can do is pay attention to those you love and be a safe haven.  Their concerns may not always resonate the loudest or elder abuse may just be a passing thought, but to be conscience of the possibilities is the best way to combat a potential problem.  Speak up for those you love.  If you do not appreciate the level of senior care in which your senior aged loved one is receiving, take a stand and be heard.  You may need to be the voice that the people hear and get the concerns out there for your loved one.  Our seniors worked hard, endured much and often have been through struggles in their lives and they should be able to enjoy happy days in their later years.  Remember that evil exists everywhere, even in sunny San Diego.

There are just so many ways that a senior may fall victim to abuse.  It is sad really that we must worry about these things or that there are people waiting to prey on our elders, but unfortunately this is the case.  While most of the senior care workers you will encounter will be loving, caring, kind and professional people , there are those who may seem to be good to your senior, but may not be.  Do your research and know who you are hiring.  Going to these home care agencies and other places to enlist senior care, you should do your homework.  Asking questions about their policies and also background checks of their employees is not being difficult, it is being a “smart consumer”.  Just as you would take your time and really make an educated decision about other big things you are shopping for, think about the decision to enlist the appropriate home care for your loved one as being one of the biggest things you shop around for.  Talk to other people in your San Diego area, who have enlisted home care services, almost always the horror stories will be somewhere in the social media and online that you may find them if they’re there.  Let your senior know that the minute something just doesn’t seem quite right, that they let you know.  Seniors may not want to bring up their concerns because they know we are busy adults and they are just thankful that they have senior care and are not bothering us.  This attitude and perception may prevent your senior aged loved one from sharing things with you, until it is too late.  If there are signs that you spot that things just aren’t what they seem or there is a reason to be concerned, take the concern to the home care agency.  Most times, if the place you are coming from is a place of real concern, the agency will look carefully into the matter with the San Diego home care worker and hopefully you will prevent the potential for elder abuse of your loved one.

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