San Jose Retirement Home

If you live in or near San Jose and are thinking of buying into a San Jose retirement home or community, you know that it’s a big decision. For that reason, just starting the process can be overwhelming, as there are many factors to consider.  Besides “location, location location” you also want to consider Lifestyle and Cost..

For those enjoying the beauty of San Jose and surrounding areas, you want to consider how well the retirement home fits in the entertainment and activities of your life.  Is the retirement home located in a city, a suburb, or a small town? Is it near world-class shopping and cultural venues, or top-notch recreational opportunities?  They’re not mutually exclusive, of course…but no retirement home will offer everything. New York may be great for culture, Dallas for shopping, and New Orleans for food…but if what you really crave is great skiing, you’ll have to travel.  All these things should be considered when evaluating a San Jose retirement home.

A retirement home and community will also vary in the amenities they offer their residents. Many have their own golf courses, for instance, or offer their residents the opportunity to play on nearby links. Tennis courts, fitness clubs, and swimming pools are also commonly offered, and many communities have full-time activities directors, while other communities offer little in the way of amenities…but cost considerably less.

Retirement home communities near San Jose will often also vary considerably in character, based on the collective beliefs and desires of residents. On paper, a community can have everything going for it…but will you fit in? The only way to tell is to actually visit and see for yourself.

Every aspect of a retirement home and its surrounding region will affect the final cost of relocating there. Popularity plays a huge role in determining the value of homes—far more people want to move, and do move, to Florida than to North Dakota, and home prices reflect this. But the price of a new home isn’t the only economic consideration. It might not even be the most important one.

What’s the cost of groceries, of utilities, of gasoline? How much is health care? Movie tickets? Internet service?

And once you have an adequate picture of the general area, don’t neglect to look carefully into the retirement home community itself. In nearly all age-restricted communities, there will be other costs besides a mortgage or a monthly rent: fees assessed by the homeowners association for maintenance and groundskeeping, for instance.

Keep An Eye On Trends
Try to find out how things were ten or twenty years ago. Even climates change; and comparing conditions in the past to the way things are now can help you predict what they might be ten years from now. Slow, steady development, for instance, is better than explosive growth that might turn your suburban oasis into a traffic nightmare in short order.

Once you have all the facts on several areas, it’s time to do what only you can do: rank them in order of importance. Everyone differs, and nobody can tell you with absolute assurance that you should place more emphasis on winter temperature than on housing costs, for instance. It’s important to realize that there is no perfect place, and any move will require compromise.


The final step is probably the most important: visit each retirement home on your final list. This is the only way you can really get to know both the area and the people who will become your neighbors and friends. Many retirement communities have either a visitors program or offer short-term rentals; either is an excellent way to get acquainted first-hand.

You should visit more than once, and for longer than a day each time. If possible, try to time your visits for different seasons, and visit both mid-week and on weekends. If possible, attend a large community function, and meet as many of the residents as you can. Most people love to talk about their experiences, so don’t be shy about asking questions…the more, the better.

In all likelihood, by the time you’re finished all your visits you’ll find the decision has been made for you. One community will stand out as the right place for you.

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