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Some Jacksonville seniors are simply past the point of caring for themselves.  When it becomes time to change into caregiver mode, it is not easy for adult children.  Senior care in Jacksonville is a viable option in a senior care plan that adult children can use as a means to keep a part of them just the child of an elder.  Shifting your thinking is difficult.  When you have been listening to your senior aged loved one for all of your life and the time comes that your word, ideas thoughts or opinions may actually be more valid and makes more sense it is scary sometimes.  At thirty years old I just started to ‘push back’ or disagree with my Grandmother.  It was not easy.  I have always been her little helper and she was one of the disciplinarians in my life.  She started to make clouded decisions and not thinking through the decisions she was making to the end result and I knew that it was time to switch from Granddaughter/ Grandmother mode to caregiver and concerned adult mode.  She and my Grandfather have enjoyed so many years together just mainly caring for each other and only listening to the opinion of the other.  Now, it is up to the family to ensure that they are making the best decisions.  Senior care is necessary to ensure their safety and well-being.  Seniors just most of the time do not realize the changes in their thinking, mental capacity, physical health and medical condition.  They will feel as if things should remain the same as they always had been.  I on the other hand, knew that although it would be difficult ‘telling them what to do’ would now be necessary.

With their heads just simply not making ration decisions and protecting themselves anymore, it seemed like the right time to start pushing back when I see that they would be making decisions that may ultimately hurt them in one way or the other.  Most elderly parents and grandparents will have just as hard of a time adjusting to advice and opinions about their behavior coming from their children or grandchildren.  The seniors have always been the ones giving the orders and their word was what everyone listened to.  It is an adjustment for everyone in the family.  No longer can you listen to your senior loved one as a friend or with childlike ears.  You must listen to your senior with caregiver ears and think about the actions of your senior as a caregiver to ensure that they are safe and will not cause their own harm.  It is sad to know that this transition is happening in life, but there comes a time when shifts take place and rolls change or is even reversed.

How to tell you senior parent ‘what to do’:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be understanding that this is new for both of you
  3. Be receptive to the concerns and push back from your senior
  4. Be polite
  5. Remain Strong and Focused on their best interests


Understanding and recognizing the need for the changes in responsibility is the first step to taking good care of your senior aged loved one.  Often senior care workers will be more accepted than an adult child or Grandchild who is trying to advise a senior.  The professionals providing senior care in Jacksonville for your senior aged loved one may seem more of a professional opinion and may be better received.

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