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With the aging population, there has been much advancement in the creating and commercialization of senior care products to help make a senior’s daily life easier.  You may not be aware of the fact that there are many senior care products that now exist, many of which fall into specific categories.

“You Don’t Have To Be A Specialist To Find Reliable Senior Care Products…”

Vision & Hearing:  This includes amplified telephones, portable reading machines, talking appliances & glasses.  There are also emergency telephones, signal devices to amplify the front door knocking, talking prescription dispensers, microwaves and talking thermostats.

Leisure & Recreation: Including writing aids, games, software, exercise machines, books and gardening tools.   This area involves ADA-compliant outdoor swimming pool lifts, folding shopping carts with seats, power exercise machines and remote TV earphones.

Home & Household:  Often in this category people think of senior care products such as lift chairs, cell phones, clocks, lights, keyboards, bookholders and shopping carts.  But it can also include wellness mats, attachments for keys to make turning them easier, and portable lights to illuminate dangerous dark spots.

Security, Safety & Falls:  This includes personal monitors, exit alarms, motion detectors, no-slip mats and door locks.  Also included are slip-free strips for attaching to stairs, personal senior monitors that have a built-in alert system, and even LoJack tracking devices for Alzheimer’s patients.

Health & Medical Supplies:  Senior Care Product components include blood pressure, diabetic supplies, pill accessories and incontinence supplies.  There are also innovative personal portably oxygen tanks, finger pulse readers with alarms, special socks to help feet align, hand exercisers and glucose monitoring systems for diabetics.

Mobility:  Items that deal with mobility include Walkers, wheelchairs, canes, ramps, crutches and portable wheelchairs.  Scooters, padded hand grips, and designer walking canes are now available along with scooter lifts and baskets for one’s walker, even adding cup holders to your wheelchair or scooter for convenience.

Bedroom & Sleeping:  Include bed rails, bed trays, bed pads, mattresses, pillows and transfer boards.  There are anti-snore devices, caddies to use in your bed, styled canes to help you in/out of bed, as well as beds that automatically turn over an elderly person to help prevent bed sores.

Personal Care & Dressing:  This category has products for hair care, nail care, skin care, shaving, socks, shoes, clothing and dressing aids.  There are zipper pullers, button openers, shoe removers, vibrating shoes to help with circulation, diabetic socks, and even medical ID jewelry, all in addition to adult diapers.

Kitchen & Eating:  Think of senior care products specifically designed for helping a senior continue to be active in the kitchen, such as weighted utensils, senior meals, knob turners, jar openers, even bibs.  There are also wheelchair table covers, protective cutting boards, place mats and table trays also can help a senior in need.

Bathroom & Bathing:  Items like toilet seats, shower seats, walk-in tubs, grab bars and bathroom lift systems.  There are specific toilet safety support items, hair washing trays, bathtub safety bars, hand-held shower heads, toilet seat raisers, walk-in bath tubs, and portable commodes.

Organization Tools:  This category includes information management, medication reminders and specific software support for seniors.  Think of a walker organizer, or online caregiving assistance, health tags, diabetes organizers for all products, drugs and information, as well as medication management systems.

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