Senior Care in San Francisco

Compassionate senior care in San FranciscoPleasing the impossible –to-please senior aged loved one can be a trip!  Senior care in San Francisco is abundant, but you may need to travel through a few companies, products and senior care options until you find what is just right for your senior aged loved one.  You are sure to anger your senior at some point along the trip if he or she is a stubborn person or headstrong older loved one.  Just knowing that everything that you are planning, trying, hiring and doing is coming from a place of love that will make it all worth it; to both of you.

My grandmother preferred clothes that were what she called “pow” .  To her this meant that the shirt needed to be the loudest in the bunch.  What makes an outfit “pow”, per my grandmother:


  1. Loud colors
  2. Loud prints
  3. Loud prints and colors
  4. Pairing mismatching prints or colors
  5. Large, usual accessories

She commonly used her own way and not so common to the American English language to describe things.  As English was her second language, she made her own version of that language and the phrases or sayings she felt best described her favorite things.  Instead of the classic saying  “life goes on” she would commonly say “and so it goes”.  She was accustomed to a difficult life and some struggles and strife.  She was insanely passionate about enjoying the good moments with the family and friends in your life.  Nothing was more important and more valuable.  Truly amazing to have money to go out to eat, but to prefer to spend time with your family and a cheaply made, home cooked meal.

After raising seven children and losing her husband rather young in life, she vowed to travel a bit.  While retired and with adult children she went on cruises and absolutely loved staying in hotels.  For someone to clean up her room and make her bed, she was in heaven.  She wasn’t terrible hard to please, but didn’t put up with too much.  She had opinions and really wasn’t afraid to voice them.  My grandmother was not an impossible-to-please senior aged loved one.  When she grew old she needed help and was not able to care for herself in her San Francisco apartment, the logical choice was assisted living.  Someone to help her with making her bed and keeping her apartment clean was for her like living in a hotel.  The meals were prepared mostly for her and she felt very privileged to be taken care of by the assisted living workers.

Senior care in San Francisco is tailored specifically to not only the needs of your senior aged loved one, but also to their personalities and tastes.  Lucky for family members and primary caregivers that there are many senior care options available in most cities.  San Francisco is no exception and there are many choices in senior care to suit even the most impossible-to-please, picky senior aged person who you love with all o your heart no matter their level of ‘particular’ness.

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