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As your loved one ages his or her needs change.  Modification of the home and other services and products are available helping with senior care in San Francisco and in your area.  Contractors and specialists are able to assess what can be done to the home to make it more elder-friendly and safer for your aging loved one.  Modified kitchen appliances, modified kitchen cupboards, modified bathroom sinks or tub/ shower units and modified walkways, hallways or throughways are all ways that senior care specialized contractors can correct the inadequacies in the home.  Safety is the number one reason you would consider to hire a senior care service or contractor to modify the home.  Convenience is the second most popular reason for the modifications.  Products for seniors include safest stools for climbing to reach kitchen items, handrails, ramps and lifts.

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In the kitchen, in some cases, your aging loved one may no longer be able to safely prepare meals with an oven or stove top.  In this case, there are modifications which can allow for the stove knobs and oven controls to be shut off and inaccessible to your aging loved one.  This allows the appliance to remain in the home and you, your family or an in-home care worker can access the appliance and prevent accidental fires or injuries to your aging loved one caused from misuse of the appliance.

Modifications to the home can include widening hallways or walkways to allow for the use of walkers or wheelchairs.  Wheelchair accessibility is probably the most recognized and often reason you would choose to modify the layout of a home.  Ramps may be installed to replace stairs and bathrooms added to main living floors so that everything may be accessed on one floor without climbing stairs.  In the even that your aging loved one must access another floor and is unable to climb stairs any longer, stair lifts are available as a modification to the home to be able to allow for mobility and access to other floors.

Senior care services include contractors who specialize in the needs of aging persons and senior care advisors who may recognize the needs in the home to provide safety and convenience. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors some with light and sound are among some of the products a San Francisco senior care advisor may suggest.

Bathroom modifications are the most popular and often necessary among an aging person’s home modifications.  Bathrooms, showering and general hygiene times are the most dangerous.  Getting into or out of the bathtub should not prove to be difficult for your aging loved one.  Senior care products such as grab bars or modified walk in tubs are among the most relevant of senior care products for your aging loved one.  A senior should feel secure in the shower or bath tub.  Often an aging loved one may slip and if there is merely a towel or wash cloth bar in the tub or shower he or she may reach for it and it will result in injury if it is not sturdy enough to hold your loved one.  A grab bar is installed and will be guaranteed to withstand the weight and grab force intensity of your loved one.

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    Walk in tubs are an excellent choice for seniors with mobility issues. I’ve started to see these placed in some of the nursing homes that I visit. After months of research for my mother, I decided to go ahead and have a rep come out and visit with us. The price was high, but after seeing all of the other options… It was well worth it!

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