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Studies indicate that the state of Washington is home to over 4 million of America’s 35.9 million seniors.  And when many are planning their Washington senior care needs, some may plan how and where they age largely based on the combination of solutions that offer independence and that also support their faith.

Research shows that 89 percent of seniors say the ability to live independently and remain in their own home is very important, but more than half are concerned about their ability to do so.  Additional research shows that 75 percent of elders indicate that faith is the most important aspect of their lives.

“You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Find Trustworthy Senior Care In Washington…”

Why will the senior care market explode from $86 billion in 1996 to $490 billion in 2030? Answer: an enormous demographic shift that has already occurred. The population of seniors has dramatically increased in recent years and this trend will only accelerate, especially in high-growth states like the state of Washington.

  • The number of older Americans increased by 3.7 million or 12.0 percent since 1990, compared to an increase of 13.3 percent for the entire under-65 population.
  • The number of Americans aged 45-64—who will reach 65 over the next two decades—increased by 34 percent during this period.

When combined with the increasing need for personal assistance as senior’s age, the escalating need for in-home care also becomes apparent. Whereas in Washington, 20 percent of seniors ages 75 – 79 need personal assistance with everyday activities, 31% of seniors 80 – 84 and 50 percent of seniors 85 and over require this assistance.

So what are the things most important to seniors?  According to extensive surveys conducted by both George Gallup (Gallup Poll) and George Barna (Barna Research Group), seniors by dramatic margins say that religion is a vitally important aspect of their life. How important? Among Americans over age 75, surprisingly three quarters rank religion as the most important aspect of their life.  This demographic attribute coupled with the deeply personal nature of in-home care provides an exceptional opportunity for a senior caregiver that is also sensitive to the spiritual needs of senior citizens. In-home, non-medical caregiving is naturally relational providing the ideal opportunity for spiritual support and encouragement.

In the state of Washington, there have been great strides improving senior care made in the last 15 years, especially since a key concern of seniors and their families is the character and quality of the caregiver. Senior exploitation is an increasing problem nationally because a caregiver must be trusted with intensely personal duties ranging from bathing assistance to bill paying. The right caregiver can be enormously helpful –providing the living assistance necessary to remain independent while giving the emotional and spiritual support that only comes from a dear friend.

Likewise, the wrong caregiver can be enormously harmful. Criminal background checks are helpful and most agencies—including Christian Companion Senior Care—utilize them. Yet these checks don’t necessarily provide a good indication of what a person might do in the future.  It is always recommended to check out sources, but also to spend $20 or more doing a background check via online companies such as US Search, along with others.

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