Senior Citizen Drug Programs

Can a pill be a senior’s everything? Sometimes when a senior has pain from a surgery, disease, or illness, they start to rely on prescription drugs. Seniors may become addicted to their medications, and often enough, they do not realize how addicted they are. Senior Citizen Drug Programs can help a senior that is in need of prescription drugs, but unfortunately a high percentage of seniors become addicted to these medications that are provided to them.

Some seniors take a lot of medications, often times it seems as though medications control their lives. Living as a senior can be quite frightening with all of the health changes and prescriptions needed to survive a “normal” life. Some seniors cannot remember a time when they were not taking medications. There seems to be a pill for everything: if it is for remembering, for forgetting, for sleeping, for using the toilet, for not using the toilet, for eating, for not eating, for dieting, for gaining weight, and the list goes on. So many medications to match certain ailments and illnesses. For those who suffer from pain, medications can help them live a pain free life.

Medications geared toward helping a person reduce pain can become a luxury pill. Often enough seniors try to find a reason to go to the doctor with pain to receive magical pain medication. And, sometimes seniors wish to stop taking pain medication but cannot due to addiction to the medication. Either way, addiction to pain medication is a very big issue among seniors. Most pills will improve the lives of seniors in a harmless way, and pain medication should do just that. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to every magical drug choice. A prescription drug that causes drug dependence and addiction can place a dampener on a senior’s life.

Seniors with addictive personalities may realize the dangers of pain medication. But, if your senior loved one has never dealt with an addiction, they may not realize that they are addicted to a medication. If you suspect that your senior loved one is addicted to a medication, whether it is a pain reducing medication or a sleep aid, be prepared to have a talk with them and their doctor. Protecting your senior loved one from prescription addiction will help them lead an easier life.

You must also be aware that seniors can be mixing alcohol with prescriptions. In many cases, mixing alcohol with prescription medication can be a lethal mix. Make sure to talk with your senior loves ones’ doctor regarding the senior’s lifestyle and whether or not it will affect their health. Seniors may or may not be allowed to eat certain food items, exercise in certain ways, or drink alcohol depending on their prescriptions. Know the facts before starting a new medication, and be aware of all the possible side effects.

If your senior loved one has an addiction to a prescription drug, you should contact their doctor right away. If you call a local hospital, they may be able to refer you to local drug rehabilitation programs for seniors, or they may be able to help the senior regulate their drug usage in a safe manner. Treatment is necessary for someone who is addicted to any substance, and for seniors it is essential.

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