Senior Citizens Shuttle Service Knoxville

Among Knoxville’s many programs for the elderly is the Knox County CAC Transit System, a senior citizen’s shuttle service, which increases “access to community resources and services for Knoxville-Knox County residents who have no other means of transportation by providing safe, reasonably comfortable transportation.” According to their website, priority is given for seniors requiring dialysis and cancer therapy; health department clinic and other medical treatment, therapy for severe arthritis; post-stroke and other trauma; and grocery, drug store shopping and other essential errands. That means that if you have a qualifying errand to run, a doctor’s appointment to get to, or other essential trip, you can get a cheap (50¢ to 3.00 for a one-way trip) ride to your destination.

In addition to the senior citizens’ shuttle service, Knoxville and Knox County offer a wealth of other services for the elderly. If you have access to the Internet, check out for a listing of services in the area. They include Affordable Medicine Options for seniors, which help senior citizens who have disabilities to reduce costs of prescription medications. Trained volunteers help with information and guidance. There’s also a living center, which is an “adult day care” program that offers services to Knox County seniors who are aged 60 and over and need a daily program that will help improve quality of life, living skills, and allow the senior to stay active and viable in the community.

There’s the Gift of Sight, Hearing and Dentures program that is a revolving loan fund that pays for the initial outlay on eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures and lets the patient pay back the costs over time.  Also, check into senior nutrition program. It prepares and packages meals for the senior nutrition program and other community programs; meals are designed to be tasty and inexpensive (the two ideas do not have to be mutually exclusive). There is a senior center is on the website’s list, an activity center where seniors (over 55) can attend classes; there’s no fee to attend the center, but there may be a fee to enroll in some of the classes. There’s a companion program, too, that matches trained seniors (volunteers) with frail elderly individuals who need some help around the house with meals, shopping and errands. They offer much-needed help to beleaguered family members or friends who carry the constant weight of having to assist with elderly family members’ needs.

Besides the highly-touted senior citizens’ shuttle service in Knoxville, there are a wealth of services and financial assistance programs available for the senior in Knox County. Have a family member or loved one help you find out information either online, or go to your local library and ask for help there if you do not have Internet access at home.  Besides being staffed with extremely helpful folks willing to help with computers, it is accessible by public transportation and is a great reason to get up and out of the house.

Knoxville offers a wide range of senior services, including shuttle services.  So don’t let a lack of transportation keep you cooped up!

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