Senior Home Care Maryland

Home care for seniors in Maryland includes Home Care Helpers and Home Care nursing professionals, but ultimately it is focused on the care of the senior aging at home. There are a few things you should do to get your senior loved ones’ home ready for home care services. Always be prepared for your senior loved ones quality of life and well being by placing the necessary information in the home to help guide the Homecare professionals. Healthy living starts in the home, and personal information needs to be visible to help guide Maryland senior home care professionals in case of an emergency.

You should have important information posted near a telephone, near the refrigerator, or anywhere that someone can get to in a hurry in case there is an emergency. You may even want to print this information for the caregiver once you hire them to help in the home for your senior loved one.

Most important information will be listed in your senior loved ones’ file, but you should have this posted and easily accessible in your aging seniors’ home. The personal information such as the seniors’ name, date of birth, address, and phone number should be listed closest to the top of the page. After that, list the supplemental insurance number, their Medicaid number, their Medicare number and other health insurance information (attach copies of the cards if you can). The next sheet should include all of the current medications and their doses, as well as allergies, and other medical information. Also, include the exact location in the house where the senior keeps their Do Not Resuscitate Order information.

You may also choose to keep emergency phone numbers near the telephone for the caregiver to reference if needed. The local fire, police, ambulance, hospital, and personal doctors’ numbers should be listed first, and make sure to bold this information. Next, list the local drugstores’ number where the seniors’ prescriptions are filled, and include what time they are open until and if they deliver. Other phone numbers you will want to include are the family caregiver work number, cell number, and home number. You should list the alternate caregivers information as well. Be sure to include phone numbers and names of friends, neighbors, relatives, clergymen, and others who would want to receive a phone call in case of an emergency.

There are more numbers that should be listed, but are completely optional as many times this information is filed at the local hospital or doctors office. Including the Home Health Care Agency number, the Medicare toll free number, the insurance number, the medical equipment company number, can all help direct a person to the information they may need. You will also want to put poison control, transport numbers including local cab services, prepared meal home delivery services, shopping assistance numbers, and grocery store phone numbers in the area.

Having driving directions to the house should be listed in the personal home care document. The address should be listed along with specific directions from within the area. The senior living at home will benefit from having these numbers and information easily accessible, along with any home care assistance they may be receiving. Aging at home can be difficult, but being prepared will help your senior loved one to age more safely.

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