Senior Living in Los Angeles

Senior Living Los AngelesIn Los Angeles seniors are helping seniors with personal security awareness and scam protection.  Online you are able to find a wealth of resources with regard to guarding your personal information.  This is not something that many people think to talk about with their aging loved ones, but seniors are making other seniors aware of the scams and potential fraud situations which are happening across the country every day.  Finding a way for seniors to safe guard their personal information used to be as simple as looking after your pocketbook, wallet or purse.  It is not as simple as that any longer.  Seniors are being solicited daily for new offers and other promotional marketing which may potentially open them up to scams and sharing of their personal information.  When personal information is leaked into the wrong hands, the senior may lose his or her identity to a thief.  Seniors in senior support and social groups are getting together to share stories and tell their tales of how they were targeted and what they did to combat a scam.  Reminding your loved ones to protect themselves is important.  Unfortunately, as many people who are out to assist and help the elderly there are some who are looking to take advantage of a senior aged person.  Tips to help your senior protect himself:

  1. Don’t share personal information like name, address or bank accounts with strange people or companies
  2. If someone calls you (and you have not called them) be hesitant to share information
  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it may be
  4. Protect your valuables and lock away jewelry when someone new is in the home
  5. Be aware of those around you and ask someone else for an opinion if you aren’t certain of a person’s intentions’


There is a fine line between increasing the potential for your senior aged loved one to become overly paranoid of those around them and making them aware.  Many seniors, as they age, become increasingly worried about the potential of someone harming them physically, emotionally or financially.  For that reason, speak often with your senior aged loved one and ask him or her to share their concerns immediately or as soon as possible.  Assure your senior aged loved one that you will validate whether their fears or concerns are legitimate, but never to worry about sharing their concerns.  Their feelings of irrational fears and paranoia may come from being alone more often, changes in physical strength or a decrease in memory ability, which may leave a senior feeling vulnerable.  Most irrational fears and concerns can be combated with the support from a close family friend or loved one who is asking that the senior share their feelings and helping the senior to determine which may be actual threats and which may not be as concerning.  Los Angeles seniors can often be afraid of what they do not know and misunderstanding the new technology and changes in society can contribute to the feeling of vulnerability.    Support your senior and have discussions about personal awareness and safety.


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