Senior Meal Delivery

Did you know that seniors are the most likely population to be undernourished in the USA? Even seniors who are not living below the poverty line are more likely to have nutritional deficiencies. The issue is an intricate one that has caretakers and physicians scratching their heads looking for solutions to get seniors to eat as they should, it can be a tricky subject however, because seniors can often see this helpful advice as a condescending attack on their independence.

Senior meal delivery companies know that the elderly have developed food habits over the course of their lives that they are often reluctant to give up, even if these food habits are at the root of the chronic illness they live with, such as diabetes or gout. Many elderly people stopped preparing their own meals a long time ago, whether due to a disability, a lack of physical stamina, or an illness. Many caretakers are unable to cook for their elderly parent or grandparent, either because they are busy, live very far away or just overwhelmed by all they have to learn about their family member’s specific dietary requirements. Because of this, many seniors subsist on frequent unhealthful meals comprised of over processed convenience foods that only aggravate their health conditions. The problem with convenience foods is that they are low quality and, well, they are convenient. It can be an uphill battle finding the time and energy required to make healthful meals readily available to a senior.

It can be a daunting task trying to ensure that a senior I getting adequate, nutritious food on other levels as well. For one thing, depression is common among the retired population. Many people simply don’t want to eat when they are lonely or depressed. Another thing is that many seniors are on prescriptions, sometimes multiple prescriptions daily. These medicines can often have the effect of killing the appetite, or otherwise produce mood changes in people who take them that make them unwilling to eat. Strict dietary requirements that have been mandated by medical doctors can also be the cause, as many seniors feel a sense of loss from having to give up the foods they love just to stay healthy later in life. There are physical reasons as well. A senior may have once loved food that they can no longer eat due to dentures, digestive problems and other medical reasons.

All of these reasons force seniors to eat very limited diets. This is bad enough, but seniors and their caretakers also tend to prepare this limited variation of dishes in ways that rob meals of all nutrition, such as by boiling, to accommodate being able to digest the meal without aggravation.

However eating a nutritionally balanced, varied diet is essential for extending a senior’s life by making them healthier, and by giving them more energy to lead more fulfilling, happier lives. Diet also regulates mood, so it is doubly important in a population that faces many emotional issues.

Take the stress and effort out of this important task by logging on to GeriCareFinder, where you can search by zip code for a senior meal delivery service to bring healthy, delicious food to nourish your elderly family member. Some meal plans can be tailored to a prescribed diet as well and be made to compensate for the side effects of certain medications, (e.g., reduced levels of vitamin B12 while on diabetic medication). With a senior meal delivery service, you can rest assured that high quality meals are being made readily available to someone, helping to make them healthier and regulate their moods. Ultimately, a well-nourished senior can participate in a better quality of life, which in itself is life-extending. Pay us a visit today to find a senior meal delivery service near you or your senior family member.

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